Saturday, February 2, 2019

Music video of a girl growing up with CMV includes prevention message and song, "A Voice for Sam," by Debra Lynn Alt

"Voice for Sam" written by Debra Lynn Alt © 2007 DebraSong Publishing, LLC, through

Images of Elizabeth Saunders and slides by Elizabeth's mother, Lisa Saunders:
Written by Debra Alt ©2007 Servethrusong, LLC (ASCAP) How can I tell you that I want to go now when I cannot find the words The other kids are playing around me, I’m alone & something hurts I’m a boy who’s feeling scared of all the noises in my head I can hear you but I know you don’t hear me Mom is always so creative finding new things we can try Dad comes home each nite with hope, and fearful eyes he tries to hide And my brother’s on the run, I know it can’t be too much fun It’s not easy living with a boy like me There’s a voice for Sam, and all the others like him We need to understand It’s just who he is, he needs us to find a way in I know you’re trying and I feel all the love, but I still need to ask for more When you see me spinning, and I’m jumping, to a rhythm all my own Please be patient as you can, and accept me as I am I’m still changing, so don’t give up on me Here’s a voice for Sam, and so many others like him We’ve gotta do all that we can He needs us to know, somehow let it show, we’re there for him BRIDGE – The ways of those like Sam, are full of mystery Let’s unlock the gates of silence, Find a way to set these children free Be a voice for Sam, and too many more just like him Try to understand It’s just where he is, he needs us to find a way in Be a voice for Sam (and all the others like me) Be a voice for Sam (it’s just who I am) Be a voice for Sam (keep looking to find a way in) Be a voice for Sam (don’t give up on me) Be a voice for Sam

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