Monday, February 11, 2019

Why Moms-to-be Should Care About CMV

Here is a 3:37-minute CMV prevention video, "Why Moms-to-be Should Care About CMV." The content was created by a research nurse, Anna Bartholomew from central Ohio, and published on Youtube on Jun 22, 2015 (it cites the figure 1/150 babies born with congenital CMV but the CDC updated that figure to 1/200).  Her father, Joel Copeland, Chief Operating Officer of KMI Learning, did it through this educational video company as a pro bono effort. He gave me permission to show it on my local access TV show, the Lisa Saunders Show, which is also uploaded to Youtube. 

Here is the link to "Why Moms-to-be Should Care About CMV"

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